Join Riverside County Gun Owners PAC

Our goal is simple: elect the right people on the 34 city councils in Riverside County because that is where Sacramento and Washington D.C. politicians start.

What will Riverside County Gun Owners PAC do that isn’t already being done?

  • Second Amendment Advocacy at the city/county level where state and federal politicians begin their careers.
  • Second Amendment Community Organizing. Be the change you want to see by becoming a part of a movement to restore and protect your Second Amendment right.
  • Political Fundraising to help get the right people elected locally where we can have the most impact.
  • Working with the local gun industry on every part of our plan because we are all in this together.

Using the successful model of San Diego County Gun Owners PAC, Riverside County Gun Owners PAC will be the strong, permanent infrastructure, that focuses on changing the face of gun ownership by getting volunteers involved in local level activism and educational outreach.

We will bring a Second Amendment focus to local politics that does not exist and be the permanent infrastructure to improve candidate bench strength, precinct operations, and a meaningful way for gun owners to get involved in politics.

It is time we had a voice and became a movement. But we can’t do it without you.

Be the change you want to see. Together We Will Win.

Become an Annual Member

RCGO Annual Membership

For only $10 a month, you can help the only local Riverside County Second Amendment organization that fights for your rights at the city and county level! Your money stays right here in Riverside County! Along with all the benefits of being a RCGO member, your membership helps:

Become a 10-Ring Member

RCGO 10 Ring Membership

3 Ways to Join!

1) One time payment of $1,000 annually

2) Automatic donation of $100/month

3) Sign up 25 Annual Members, contact us for details!

Check out the benefits of being a 10-Ring Club Member:

  • Second Amendment advocacy at the city and county level

  • Organize the Riverside County Gun Community

  • Fundraise throughout the community to support the cause

  • Work with your favorite Riverside County gun shops to do all three!

  • Receive exclusive membership lapel pin and Annual Membership
  • Quarterly social gatherings and functions like exotic shoots, day trips, or tours

  • Ad hoc meetings with local elected officials

  • Private periodic exclusive updates on RCGO activities

  • Members only private annual dinner reception

  • Discounts at participating local gun stores and other local business supporters (ever expanding list available online)

  • Enhanced table packages at our annual Second Amendment Celebration dinner with personalized name badge and recognition

  • Local members only annual pistol, rifle or shotgun class by professional instructors and staff

  • Official annual 10 Ring Club membership card

  • Monthly sporting clay shoots

  • Receive exclusive membership lapel pin

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