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Weekly Email 10/6: Top Shot Chris Cheng’s Journey on Gun Owners Radio!


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This week on Gun Owners Radio
On this week’s Gun Owners radio, we welcome Top Shot Chris Cheng and learn about the journey from his Google desk job, to winning season 4 of Top Shot on History, and more! Listen Here
Gunshot Wound Lifesaver’s Workshop
Since a gun/s is essential to help protect a person and/or their family, this training is also essential, by learning how to save your life and or a family member’s life, if you or they are shot. Learn in just 90 minutes the life-saving medical procedures a person must utilize to help save themselves and others when injured by a gunshot and/or stabbing wound. No prior first aid training needed. This workshop covers procedures not taught in basic first-aid courses. Each attendee receives a certificate of completion / written instructions. The instructor has trained the NYPD, LAPD, FBI, U.S. Secret Service and Columbine, among many other organizations. He also currently trains officers at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Academy.    
Instructor: Lary Townson, EMT-A
Owner – Townson TM Productions – Director Law Enforcement Division – EMP Inc
Saturday – October 10th 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Location: Bullseye Sport, 6710 Brockton Ave., Riverside, CA 92506
Must call: Townson TM Productions @ 951-686-6161 to get on the list
$15.00 per Person at the door (limited seating)
Have You Heard About Our YouTube Channel?
Have you seen our videos? Stay in touch with all the videos we produce by clicking SUBSCRIBE today. Some of our videos are political. Some are informational. Some are just for fun. You can help get the word out about how to protect and preserve your Second Amendment Rights by sharing our videos: RCGO YOUTUBE CHANNEL
RCGO Voter Guide 2020
We are immensely proud to present our November 2020 Voter Guide for Riverside’s municipal and county level offices! RCGO vets candidates based on their Second Amendment views, their viability as a candidate for public office, and their character. Once they pass our test and our Advisory Board votes to endorse them, we compile a list, so you know who to vote for this November.
Reward these candidates with your vote, your donations, and your time by volunteering for their campaign. Most of all, make sure you tell everyone you know how important it is to vote for these candidates. Your Second Amendment future is counting on it.
A few points:
-What About So-and-so? If they are running for city or county level offices in 2020 and you do not see them on our voter guide, it is safe to assume you should NOT vote for them. A lot of candidates were considered who did not earn RCGO’s endorsement.
-State and Federal Candidates? Look for state and federal level endorsements and feedback on the NRA-PVF, Gun Owners of America, Gun Owners of California, California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA), and Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) websites.
-Your Voter Ballot. If you cannot verify that a pro Second Amendment organization has endorsed a candidate on your ballot…DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM/HER.
-Leave it blank. Do not support candidates who will not support your Second Amendment. Supporting the “lesser of two evils” and allowing Second Amendment issues to become low priority is how California got to be so bad. California will not change until we change. Step #1 is giving good candidates your support and not giving bad candidates the time of day.
– Judges? For a variety of reasons, we do not endorse judges. That does not mean there are no good candidates for judge. We just could not endorse them which means we cannot give you guidance there. One great source of information is to talk to the candidate for judge.
Make this the election one where YOU made the difference. Help our candidates win so we can be even more effective restoring and preserving our Second Amendment rights.
We Need You On Our Side
If you’ve been on the fence about joining our organization, now is the time. Help us and join the fight to preserve your 2A rights here in Riverside County! For as little as $10 a month, your donation to become a member will help us support local 2A candidates for office.
Paid for by Riverside County Gun Owners Political Action Committee
FPPC ID # 1419037
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