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Movie Premiere: The Plot Against the President
We have a VERY cool movie event for you! 
On June 10th & 11th Gun Owners Radio is hosting a movie premiere in Orange & San Diego County. The documentary called “The Plot against the President” directed by Amanda Milius will be featured.
Orange County June 10th 5:30pm – 9:30pm:
Event Details: OCGO Movie Night
San Diego County June 11th 5:30pm – 9:30pm:
Event Details: SDCGO Movie Night
Don’t delay. Get your tickets right now. Seats are limited and we do expect to sell out. Contact us if you have any questions – See you at the movies!
In-Person Monthly Meetings: Back in Full Swing!
Our first In-Person meeting back in over 15 months was a success! We welcomed back about 40 attendees, including special guests Chuck Conder and Steve Sanchez (City Council Members from Riverside and La Quinta). It was refreshing to see both new and familiar faces again and look forward to our regular In-Person meetings going forward. We will continue to rotate meeting dates, locations, and times so don’t fret if you weren’t able to join us this time around. Make sure to check the calendar on our website (under the Events tab) for more information about upcoming monthly meetings! The next one is scheduled for Saturday, June 26th @ 12pm at Bullseye Sports in Riverside.
Statement to the Murrieta City Council
On Tuesday May 18th, Executive Director Karen Wood attended the Murrieta hybrid city council meeting. Via Zoom, she presented statements to the council about the need for the city to align it’s CCW processes to that of the county’s and eliminate the mandatory psychological exam as part of their city’s CCW requirements. This psychological exam is nothing more than a personality test. It’s the same test that is administered to law enforcement and other first responders as a fit-for-duty or condition of employment. It can cost a CCW applicant an extra $150-$300 depending on the authorized test administrator.
Sheriff Bianco does not require a psychological exam as part of obtaining a CCW permit in Riverside County. Riverside County Gun Owners doesn’t believe that one must possess the same “personality” as a police officer or other first responder in order to be able to lawfully defend him or herself. RCGO plans to follow up with individuals of the Murrieta city council in the next few weeks to see if the city will accommodate the request to either align their CCW process with that of the county’s or eliminate their CCW program altogether. Stay tuned, more to follow.
City of Riverside Residents – Ward 4
Riverside County Gun Owners spoke with Charles (Chuck) Conder regarding his re-election campaign for Riverside City Council Ward 4. If you are currently a resident in this Ward, or know someone who is and is a law abiding gun owner – Chuck is the candidate to vote for!
RCGO is proud to endorse Chuck for his second term re-election on June 8th. As a staunch Second Amendment supporter, Chuck has a long established record of serving not only his country but his community as well. He needs our help to ensure he maintains his position on a city council that is very much ANTI-Second Amendment. Many of the Riverside City Council members, who were known to be supportive of our 2A retired over the last several years and replaced by council members who were not. There is a tremendous amount of work needed to help change this balance in the city of Riverside. Please help get the word out. Share this message, forward to everyone you know whether they live in the city of Riverside or not (they may know people who do!) and if you can help take it a step further, please visit Chuck’s campaign website: Reach out to him, donate directly to his campaign, volunteer, do whatever is necessary to help ensure he maintains his position on the council. Click here to help: Chuck Conder for City Council
Gun Owners Radio
On this week’s episode of Gun Owners Radio, Wendy Hauffen CEO of San Diego County Gun Owners on the recent Roundtable discussion of the rise in Violence against Asian Americans, Lenny Magill from the Glockstore San Diego talks about the second store opening in Tennessee, Mat and Glen from (free-speech alternative to Amazon), Joe Drammissi on the argument that “guns” kill people, and MORE!
New on the Blog:
From Boo to Boom – The Evil Ghost Gun
There’s lots to talk nowadays regarding ghost guns. Democrats threatened by anti-gun folks want to ban them. The media is driven to a spell of the vapors at the mere mention of them. One media source said ghost guns increase the risk of right wing violence, you know, the January 6th syndrome. Apparently, criminals can’t live without them. So, what’s all the fuss about?
Read the rest of the blog HERE
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