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Coalition Files Brief in Massive 2A Case to the SCOTUS
On July 21, 2021 a coalition of Second Amendment organizations from California to New Jersey announced the filing of an important merits-stage U.S. Supreme Court brief in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen supporting the right to bear arms while in public.
Riverside County Gun Owners (including the California County Gun Owners organizations) is one of the groups who joined in on the brief with a statement from our very own SDCGO Executive Director, Michael Schwartz who stated,
“The right to carry is a focus of our organization because our members see it as essential to their freedom and their right to self-defense. We filed this brief because a ruling in our favor will put an end to California’s sheriffs and police chiefs requiring that carry license applicants provide proof of ‘good cause’ and make it possible for millions more law-abiding Californians to exercise their right to bear arms in public, especially in hostile counties like Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area”
This is one of many critical cases in the fight to restore our Second Amendment rights and we as an organization vow to continue with effective activism to ensure its preservation.
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Did you notice that the CCW portion of our website got a revamp? We’ve made it easier to find the information to help you obtain your permit in Riverside County as well as added additional resources including, bringing a CCW Lifestyle section to the page. Check it out HERE
Gun Owners Radio: Aim to Miss Behave with Firearm Instructor Emily Chen
On this week’s episode of Gun Owners Radio we welcome firearms instructor and competition shooter Emily Chen who talks with us about women and CCWs. The 4th Circuit Court of Virginia ruled that an adult under 21 can own a firearm, Assault Weapons Decision, growing number of states with Constitutional Carry, “Ghost Guns” and more!!!
New on the Blog: Will California Gun Owners Ever Be Able to Stop Butchering Their Rifles?
AR-15s in California look funny. It would seem at times that the whole state might be happy to outlaw guns completely. Yet there are several gun enthusiasts in the state. What about them? Aside from forcing its citizens to butcher their rifles by swapping out pistol grips for large flippers, pinning collapsible stocks, and unscrewing a flash suppressor from the barrel, California has passed some pretty aggressive gun laws.
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